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   Use and Advice

The library of the österreichische kulturdokumentation as a physical library holds a stock of some 7,500 publications and 100 journal titles. A digital archive with a collection of more than 1500 electronic documents completes the archives.

   Library Holdings

The emphases of the library holdings correspond essentially to the research emphases of the österreichische kulturdokumentation and cover the following areas:

Cultural policy and culture administration
Support for culture and the arts
Cultural research and cultural theory
Branches of the arts
Development of culture, provision of culture, management of culture Cultural economy and cultural industries (cultural economics, cultural work, cultural tourism, film industry, music industry, etc.)
Culture and employment, the cultural labour market
Culture and law
EU documentation on EU cultural policy
Urban cultural policy and city culture
Cultural diversity
Creative Industries
Cultural heritage and protection of historic buildings and monuments

A feature of the österreichische kulturdokumentation collection is its broad spectrum of diverse media, documents and material that have been collected, archived and recorded:

Monographs, handbooks, bibliographies
Anthologies, series, periodicals, year-books
Research reports, studies, reports of activities
Congress publications, events programmes
Statistics, legal texts Documents (European Union, Council of Europe, Unesco)
Grey literature (minutes, discussion papers, reports, unpublished studies, etc.)
Specialist journals, selected newspaper articles
Newsletters, mission statements, information brochures

The holdings can be accessed through a database accessible over the institute network. Alongside the bibliography, this also contains an address database of national and international cultural and arts institutions and establishments. A soon-to-be-available online search of the library catalogue over the österreichische kulturdokumentation website will in future make literature research even easier.

Access to the database holdings of various European documentation centres and research institutes will be made possible by the development of the "Recap" database network. The österreichische kulturdokumentation has contributed to the development of the Recap network. With a common website interface, Recap will make it possible to run a simultaneous search of database holdings in the participating documentation centres and research institutes from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Britain and Croatia. The project is online in a preliminary phase and on its website (, alongside reviews of topical literature on cultural policy also offers a database of current research projects.


   Use and Advice

The österreichische kulturdokumentation collection is a publicly and freely available library. Alongside assistance with literature searching, the service that the österreichische kulturdokumentation offers also includes advice and consultancy on the subject matter. Here the expertise of the staff can be drawn on, contact addresses can be made available or points of contact for further research opportunities can be provided.

Photocopier facilities and Internet access for research purposes can also be utilised.

If you wish to use the österreichische kulturdokumentation library, please make an appointment by telephone or e-mail:
Tel.: 01/ 535 27 05-12

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