Remember, Engage... Participate! Europe for Citizens 2014-2020. Mid-term review in Austria 2014-2020

Commissioned by: Austrian Federal Chancellery, Division of Art and Culture, II/10, European and international cultural policy

Coordination: Sanja Corkovic

Text and photo editing: Anja Lungstraß und Veronika Ratzenböck

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The Europe for Citizens 2014-2020 programme supports projects that increase the historical awareness and strengthen citizen participation and public involvement in European affairs. Thus it relates to recent European history, to exchange and cooperation between citizens, town twinnings, cross-border cooperation projects, activities of a wider European interest and debates on further European issues. The programme addresses local and regional public authorities, non-profit-, civil society and survivors´ organisations, cultural, educational and research as well as youth organisations and city twinning organisations.

In the brochure on behalf of the Europe for Citizens Point Austria (Federal Chancellery) the österreichische kulturdokumentation describes 18 projects that have been supported by the EU programme Europe for Citizens 2014-2020 to a total of € 1.7 million by its midterm in 2017. The brochure is intended to provide a background and give suggestions for other projects that could be further developed up to the end of the programme.