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   Printed Publications and Online-Publications

(some in german and french; english titles indicate a publication/summary in english language)


   The Social Situation of Artists in Austria 2018

   Remember, Engage... Participate! Europe for Citizens 2014-2020. Mid-term review in Austria 2014-2020

   Faro - The Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society

   At a Glance. EU Regional Supports for Art and Culture

   Spaces for Creative Use. Potential for Vienna

   The Financing Situation and Requirements of the Austrian Cultural and Creative Industries

   Partnership without borders. Supporting the development of the economy, of culture and creativity
   in the cross-border region Hungary-Romania-Ukraine

   Fair Pay - Online-Survey on the Financial Situation of Cultural Workers in Cultural Initiatives

   Film Funding in Austria 2008 to 2012

   Between Traditions and Today - Cultural Policy in Austria

   5th Austrian Creative Industries Report - Focus:
   Creative Industries as regional Factor

   Cultural policy landscapes.
   A guide to eighteen Central and South East European countries

   Review of current publications, documents and studies on the arts,
   culture and the creative industries in the context of the EU Structural Funds

   Policy Handbook of the European Union on
   EU-EU Structural Funds and Culture

   The Creative Motor for Regional Development.
   Arts and Culture Projects and the EU Structural Funding in Austria

   The UNESCO-Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity
   of Cultural Expressions – Stocktacking on Implementation and Application
   in Austria

   Who does the city belong to? Vienna – art in public space since 1968

   The cultural profile of Graz

   Differing Diversities: Eastern European Perspectives

   Die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Kultur und Creative Industries:
   Wien im Städtevergleich mit Barcelona, Berlin, London, Mailand und Paris

   Centrope - Kultur

   Europe Promotes Culture

   Investigation of the Economic Potential in the Field of Creative Industries
   in Vienna

   Schnittpunkt ArchitekturPolitik

   Exploitation and Development of the Job Potential in the Cultural Sector
   in the Age of Digitalisation (in english and german)

   Theater in Wien und Graz. Aufführungen und Produktionen

   Transversal Study on the Theme of Cultural Policy and Cultural Diversity.
   Report Austria

   Cultural Competence. New Technologies,Culture & Employment
   Publikation der EU-Konferenz, 1.-3. Oktober 1998 in Linz (in english and german)

   Urban Cultural Policies in the Context of the European Integration.
   Vienna Conference, 27/28 November 1998 (in german and english)

   Cultural Conclusions
   Austrian EU Presidency 1.7.-31.12.1998 (in german and english)

   Cultural Policy in Europe - European Cultural Policy? nation-state and
   transnational concepts (in english, german and french)

   Cultural Policies. Cultural Administration in Austria
   (in english, german and french)

   Cultural Policy and Cultural Administration in Europe. 42 Outlines,
   1995 (in english and german)

   Wandel & Beharrung.
   Aspekte zum Leben im Zeitalter des Historismus in Österreich, 1996

   Kulturpolitik und Restrukturierung der Stadt.
   Materialienband, 1995

   Bildende Kunst, Architektur und Design.
   Ein Handbuch zur Kunstförderung, 1994

   Kultur Medien - EG und Österreich.
   Information 2. Texte, Dokumente, Literatur, 1993

   EG Kulturdokumentation.
   Information 1. Strukturen, Dokumente, Abstracts, 1993

   Eine Szene im Wandel.
   Österreichische Kulturinitiativen Anfang der neunziger Jahre, 1993

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