Transversal Study on the Theme of Cultural Policy and Cultural Diversity. Report Austria.


transversale studieStudy Commissioned by the Council of Europe.
Carried out by: österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für kulturanalysen.
Andrea Ellmeier, Gerhard Baumgartner, Bernhard Perchinig , Vienna 2000,
Council of Europe (CC-CULT (2001) 2 rev.), 51 S.

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The project analyses the issue of cultural policy and cultural diversity because cultural diversity in all its forms represents a fundamental challenge for the traditional interpretations of cultural policy, yet also for our self-image and understanding of how public institutions reflect this cultural diversity. The shift from the production of (cultural) homogeneity to the administration of diversity as a new social norm demands a new conception of the processes, mechanisms and relations required for democratic political development in the culturally diverse societies. In the course of the study, national reports were drawn up in the participating countries, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg, Britain and Austria. The österreichische kulturdokumentation was here responsible for the coordination and reporting back of the Austrian contribution.



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