Cultural Policies. Cultural Administration in Austria

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ed. by the österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für kulturanalysen, published by the Federal Chancellery. Art Department, projectmanager: Veronika Ratzenböck, author: Heinz Rögl, revised and updated by Judith Bösch, Veronika Ratzenböck, Maria Stummvoll, Wien 1998, 175 pp (ISBN: 3-9011-9239-1)

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This publication gives a survey of Austrian cultural policy and its (federal) administration system. In the form of short essays information is provided on the essential features and specific characteristics of cultural policy in Austria, in general as well as in each of the nine provinces.

This book serves as a fundamental source for everyone who wants to get an idea of cultural policy and cultural administration in Austria.



Austria: A Small Country With a Great Living Heritage

Cultural Promotion at Federal Level

Federal Chancellery

Department II - Art Affairs
Visual Arts
Music and Performing Arts
Photography and Film Inistitute
Film and Media Art
Literature and Publishing
Children and Youth Literature
Division of Visual Arts and General Cultural Policy Affairs
Cultural Initiatives
EU Co-ordination Centre of the Art Department, Art Laws
Bilateral and Multilateral Foreign Affairs
Visual Arts Curators
Music Curators
KulturKontakt Austria

Association of Austrian Federal Theatres

Department V - Constitutional Law Department
Media Policy and Press Subsidies

Federal Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

Department IV ­ Cultural and Art Affairs
Federal Museums
Federal Office of Historic Monuments
Austrian National Library
Austrian Phonothek
Court Orchestra
Austrian Cultural Service

Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Department of Cultural Policy V - Cultural policy abroad

Cultural Promotion in the States of the Federal Republic of Austria

Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vienna, Vorarlberg


österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für kulturanalysen

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