Centrope - Kultur

report of the study
project management: Eugen Antalovsky, Veronika Ratzenböck
authors: Andrea Lehner, Irene Schwarz, Veronika Ratzenböck
Vienna 2005, 43 pp

in german language

available as online-version:
report as pdf-file (300 KB)


The aim was a survey of new cultural cooperation and cultural policies across national borders in the Central Europe region). Thus, derived from the description of the status quo (structures, competences, programmes etc.), a strategic concept is to be developed, on the one hand to give the political and culture-political decision-makers and the most important players in the cultural field the necessary instruments to inject cultural dynamism into the Central Europe region and on the other hand to identify new models of cultural cooperation and cooperative cultural policies. Besides the description of the national profiles of cultural policies and the description of the cultural activities and scenes with a focus on the four sub-regions - Vienna, southern Moravia, western Hungary and Bratislava - the strengths and weaknesses of cultural cooperation across national borders were identified. Strategies for trans-regional cultural cooperation were developed on this basis.


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