Die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Kultur und Creative Industries:    Wien im Städtevergleich mit Barcelona, Berlin, London, Mailand und    Paris

report of the study
Eva Häfele, Andrea Lehner, Veronika Ratzenböck
Vienna 2005, 44 pp

in german language

available as online-version:
report (pdf-file 420 KB)


The study describes the relevance of culture and the creative industries in Vienna for the economy and employment in comparison with Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris and Milan. The description and appraisal were carried out on the basis of following data:

- public financing of culture, proportion city - national government/province per capita proportion of cultural expenditure
- employees in the cultural and creative industries
- size of businesses in the creative industries
- attendance figures and cultural provision
- data on cultural tourism
- description of the creative class based on Richard Florida
On the basis of this data, relationships between the six cities were established to enable a argumentative positioning of their economic potential in culture and the creative industries. In order to provide a comparative description that is not only based on statistics, the essential trends in urban cultural policy and interesting concepts for urban developments and the creative industries were described.


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