The Creative Motor for Regional Development. Arts and Culture Projects and the EU Structural Funding in Austria

Conducted by: österreichische kulturdokumentation

Authors: Veronika Ratzenböck, Anja Lungstraß, Xenia Kopf
Statistical data evaluation: Elisabeth Ponocny-Seliger

Commissioned by
Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
198 page, 141 tables, 20 figures, ISBN 978-3-901360-14-5

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This study shows for the first time that EU funds for regional development in Austria are making an essential contribution to art and culture support and are supporting the creative industries.

The study provides a set of data on arts, culture and the creative industries in the range of the European Union 2007-2013 programming period for structural and regional funds in Austria. It encompasses an inquiry of projects throughout Austria, that had been approved for a co-financing from the EU structural funds ERDF and ESF, or the agriculture fund EAFRD between 2007 and 2010 in the regional funding programs. The study provides also an analysis of the basic and program documents with regard to the significance of culture. Based on the outcomes of the study, recommendations are derived for Austria, that can help to firmly establish culture with itís importance for structural and regional development for future subsidy policies.

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