Cultural Policy in Europe - European Cultural Policy?
   Nation-State and Transnational Concepts

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ed. by the österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für kulturanalysen, Veronika Ratzenböck,
authors: Andrea Ellmeier, Béla Rásky,
Vienna 1998,
234 pp. (ISBN 3-901360-07-7)

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Cultural policy is playing an increasingly decisive role in the re-thinking and re-shaping of Europe. In this field, arts and culture not only promise political capital but also respond to questions and problems in an environment, where international politics - fixed primarily upon the economy - has reached the limit of political acceptance. It was one of the goals of this study to focus on the changing basic conditions of cultural policies and cultural politics.

The study tries in two parts to outline recent developments in cultural politics along national lines as well as at the transnational level. The first part deals with the changing functions and/or continuity of different concepts of cultural politics at the level of the nation-state(s): concepts which all together - facing a radically changing political and economic environment - are more and more converging, albeit on the basis of very divergant historical traditions. The approach of contextualizing "Politics, Economy and Culture" in the second part of the study analyzes the activities of the European Communities/European Union in the cultural sector. It aims to make visible the specific historic development as well as the current policy of the EU in the contrast to the cultural politics of the nation-states.



Preface to the English edition

Preface: Veronika Ratzenböck

Part I: Béla Rásky

Cultural Policy/Policies in Europe -
The General Nation-State Conditions


Typologies of European Cultural Administration

The classical models
"New" eastern Europe on the classical cultural typology chart
The relevance of cultural-administrative models
Proposal for a new cultural policy description of Europe

On the History of Cultural Policy Practice

Beginnings: the birth of European "national cultures"
The first systemised cultural policies
The cultural policy reform era
Digression 1: The concept of an "extended cultural policy" à la française
The eighties
Digression 2: Decentralisation and Regionalisation
New funding concepts
The "identity motive" and the nineties
The administration of heterogeneity

Part II: Andrea Ellmeier

EU Cultural Policy - European Cultural Policy?
Economy, Politics and Culture in Context


Interests / Transformations
On the policy concept of the nineties

The multiplicity of the term "culture"
From "culture for all" to "everthing is culture"
Movements - space/time

Article 128 of the European Community Treaty

EU Cultural Policy. The historicity of a rhetoric

The concept of "culture" in the EC/EU, or: "action in the cultural sector"
Transnationalism as programme
EU arts / culture / literature / heritage programmesKaleidoskope, Ariane, Raphael
Digression 1: European Union Cultural Budget
Media policy is/as cultural policy
Digression 2: Budget for the "Audiovisual Sector"
"The cultural compliance clause"
- Art. 128.4 of the European Treaty
- Cultural policy as structural policy

A Change of Perspective

Part III: Bibliography

Part IV: Appendix

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