Differing Diversities: Eastern European Perspectives.
   Transversal study on the theme of cultural policy
   and cultural diversity

Published by Council of Europe
Study commissioned by the Council of Europe
Carried out by österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für kulturanalysen.
Andrea Ellmeier, Béla Rásky (authors)
Strasbourg Cedex 2006, 81 pp

ISBN-13: 871-92-871-6024-9)

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Cultural diversity in all its forms is posing a profound challenge to traditional formulations of cultural policy and to our understanding of the public interests that this policy is intended to serve. In most countries the artistic and cultural landscape has not evolved to reflect the realities of a changed social landscape. This gap threatens to undermine the legitimacy of cultural institutions and the public policy that supports them. The shift from homogeneity to diversity as the new social norm requires a rethinking of the processes, mechanisms and relationships necessary for democratic policy development in diverse societies.

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