Cultural Competence. New Technologies, Culture & Employment

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ed. by the österreichische kulturdokumentation. internationales archiv für
kulturanalysen, Federal Chancellery. Department for the Arts,
Editors: Andrea
Ellmeier/ Veronika Ratzenboeck,
Wien 1999,
144 pp (ISBN 3-901360-10-8)

Price: EUR 20,- plus p&p
(The congress publication is also available in German)


"Cultural Competence - Culture as Competence" discusses free-flowing creativity, new media/new technologies, national and European employment strategies - topics that have played a definitive role in shaping the last few years. Employment, the greatest and most urgent European challenge of these years, new technology - another socio-political number-one issue - which has totally changed previous economic and policy practices, and the current situation and repositioning of the people active in the cultural sector, the "cultural workers/ entrepreneurs", who are facing an uncertain future..

_Sample texts (in german)

Robert Burnett
Content and Distribution: Musik und die elektronische Herausforderung

Heidi Grundmann
"Cultural worker - who are you"

Ritva Mitchell
Neupositionierung von Kultur im Kontext von Beschäftigung

Marleen Stikker
Kulturelle Kompetenz / Kulturen elektronischer Netzwerke

Giuseppe Vitiello
Content and Distribution: Die Literatur und die elektronische Herausforderung



Peter Wittmann
Lore Hostasch

Andrea Ellmeier/ Veronika Ratzenböck

Culture & Employment

Ritva Mitchell
Repositioning Culture in the Employment Context

Gerda Neyer
The Transformation of Paid Labour

Marie-Luise Angerer
Cultural Worker? Who Are You? Statement 1

Andy Feist
Cultural Worker? Who Are You? Statement 2

Heidi Grundmann
Cultural Worker? Who Are You? Comment

Gerda Loewen
To What Extent is European Employment Strategy Relevant to the Cultural Sector

Jean-Michel Baer
Culture and Employment - A European Challenge

Bernard H. Casey
Employment and Skills in the Cultural Sector: some reflections on the European Commission paper "Culture, Cultural Industries and Employment"

Michael Soendermann
Culture and EU Employment Policy: how relevant is the cultural sector? Trends in North Rhine-Westphalia


Edith Saurer
Labour and Love. A commentary on the history of a relationship

Digital Cultures? Challenges for the cultural sector

Colin Mercer
Competency Convergence: key challenges for the cultural sector in the digital media and communication environment

Victor Mayer-Schönberger
Mr Coase, the King, the Law, and the Money
Or: The Pivotal Role of Copyright in the Creative Arts

Simon Davies
Civil Rights and ICT

Robert Burnett
"Content and distribution" Music and the electronic challenge

Karl-Heinz Essl
Composing in Cyberspace

Giuseppe Vitiello
"Content and distribution" Literature and the electronic challenge
The production and distribution of literature in electronic form

Heiko Idensen
Reading and Writing Competence in the Net. Hypermedia discourse technologies in transition from book to network culture

Rüdiger Wischenbart
Wooing a Fickle Public: an e-mail to cultural policy makers on culture as a key global industry and as a local niche event

Marleen Stikker
Cultural Competence: cultures of electronic networks

Leon van Noorden, DG XIII
Homo www: the artefacts

Kimmo Aulake, Council of Europe
New Information Technologies (NITs) : building a democratic and cultural information society

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